Current beers on tap

Bomber Blonde Ale American Style Blonde Ale

An American Blonde Ale with a German accent. Bomber Blonde is a straw colored, light bodied ale with a dry crisp finish. Hallertau hops add balance and complexity.  

5.0% Alc. By Vol.
Green Chile Ale Golden Ale infused with Roasted Pueblo Chiles, fresh Serrano Chiles and fresh Jalapenos

Huge aroma of roasted chiles and deep spice from the use of fresh chiles invite you to taste the wonderful flavors each chile offers.  This combination offers plenty of heat, but it does not overwhelm the overall taste of roasted chiles.  Body is light and finishes spicy. 

5.2% Alc. By Vol.
HEADWATERS IPA 2011 CO State Fair Gold Medal Winner

Our top selling ale, Headwaters has a clear emphasis on balance. There is plenty of hop bitterness, aroma and flavor here, but also a great malt profile that backs up and supports the wonderful citrus notes from the use of Cascade and Centential hops. Medium bodied with a lingering hop palate.

7.0% Alc. By Vol.
Rex's Amber Ale 2011 Colorado State Fair Gold Medal

Rex's Amber is a malt forward, easy drinking Amber Ale.  We use use Willamette and Cascade hops to brighten the flavor and finish. Very blanced, and tastes like another...

6.0% Alc. By Vol.
Pumpkin Chai Bock Seasonal Pumpkin Lager

We use real pumpkin and our our house Chai spice to create this tasty seasonal lager.  We begin by brewing a very traditional style German Bock with the addtion of pumpkin in the mash. Chai spice is introduced at the end of the wort boil, and creates another layer of flavor and complexity.  Flavors of ginger and cardamom peek through and balance the rich pumpkin and caramel flavors.

7.0% Alc. By Vol.

Big S is an American Style Brown Ale, with big malt complexity. Caramel and chocolate malts provide the rich backbone to this year round favorite. Hopping is moderate and provides balance for an even finish.

6.0% Alc. By Vol.
Victorian Porter Robust Porter brewed in the Victorian Style

 Victorian Porter is our version of a Porter common to Philadelphia in the 1860's.  Rich notes of chocolate, coffee and caramel are balanced by a more aggresive dose of hops and plenty of apparent alcohol.  

6.0% Alc. By Vol.