Current beers on tap

BOMBER BLONDE ALE 2010 CO State Fair Gold Medal Winner

An American Blonde Ale with a German accent. Bomber Blonde is a straw colored, light bodied ale with a dry crisp finish. Hallertau hops add balance and complexity.

5.2% Alc. By Vol.
HEADWATERS IPA 2011 CO State Fair Gold Medal Winner

Our top selling ale, Headwaters has a clear emphasis on balance. There is plenty of hop bitterness, aroma and flavor here, but also a great malt profile that backs up and supports the wonderful citrus notes from the use of Cascade and Centential hops. Medium bodied with a lingering hop palate.

7.0% Alc. By Vol.
Rex's amber ale 2011 CO State Fair Gold Medal Winner

Our amber is an American take on a classic English ESB. Rex is malt forward, but noticably hoppy. Caramel flavors shine through, and the citrus notes from the generous use of Cascade hops keep the palate refreshed.

6.0% Alc. By Vol.
Touch My Monkey Bavarian Style Dunkelweizen

Touch My Monkey, a name inspired by an SNL skit, is a refreshing, darker version of a Hefeweizen.  Phenolics of clove, and citrus are present, as well as a hint of green apple.  Malt flavors are muted by the contribution the earthy spiciness from the yeast.  Caramel and toasted malts peek through, while the finish is dry and crisp. 

5.5% Alc. By Vol.

Big S is an American Style Brown Ale, with big malt complexity. Caramel and chocolate malts provide the rich backbone to this year round favorite. Hopping is moderate and provides balance for an even finish.

6.0% Alc. By Vol.
Nigel's Rather Large Ale English Inspired Strong Ale

Nigel's Rather Large Ale is one of our winter seasonal offerings, created to warm you up on a cold winter's day.  This Ale is malt forward with lots of fruit notes, an assertive alcohol profile and an earthy semi-sweet finish.  We use an English Ale yeast from one of the UK's best breweries, as well as English varities of hops...and if you must know, we spoke in British accents the entire day we brewed it. 

9 % Alc. By Vol.

Doublewide Stout is our winter seasonal stout, brewed only twice a year.  More robust, with an emphasis on dark chocolate and roasted notes. Body is medium to full, with just enough residual sweetness to round out flavors of caramel, toffee, and coffee.  Hopping is kept low. 

6% Alc. By Vol.