“This was the BEST pizza I have eaten!! And the beer tasting was so much fun. The staff there was super sweet, funny and made our experience so enjoyable! We will be back again soon!”
Audrey Estrada - Pueblo West, CO
“Wonderful!! Can't wait to visit this summer! Thank you!!”
Jane - Sun Prairie,Wisconsin
“We took a bottle of your Cosmic Dressing home and we are SO glad we did. Will savor it and make it last for as long as possible. Awesome flavor and we swear it nourishes our soul. Ya'll got a grreat thing going on. Thank you!!!!”
Lockners - Alaska
“Amica's calzones are killer! we always stop here when in the area! ”
keith gillmer - colorado springs
“You guys and gals are the best! Need we add the food is great? You live up to your name - friendly.”
Judy and Bill - Salida
“Amica's is our most favorite place to eat when we're in the Arkansas River area. We started going there when it was Il Vicino and only find more reasons to return. The food, beer, coffee, chai and service are the best! My kids (3, 7 & 9) love the pizza, dough balls and desserts. My husband loves the gluten-free options. I love it all. When I was breast-feeding my little ones, I was so happy to see the "breast-feeding friendly) sign/sticker on the front window. Due in large part to the culture we experience at Amica's and perceive in the rest of Salida, we're seriously considering relocating to Salide (we live an hour and a half away, west of Cripple Creek). Thanks so much for all you do!”
Paige Burkes - Florissant, CO
“Ordered the #18 Pan E Pollo Panini with the #30 Insalata Spinaci Salad. The food was to die for! The best ever.”
Roni - Greeley
“we are coming back for a visit later this month and we are so excited to revisit you and your FANTASTIC food.I recently discovered that I need to eat gluten free, I am very excited to see you now have gluten free pizza so that i will not have to go without your yummy food!! We hope that you soon expand to Texas, if not you give us a good excuse to come back to Salida. ”
Nicole Alexander - Fort Worth Texas
“great pizzas! the hot oil is outstanding, and the green chile ale is the best micro brew ive ever tasted and believe me ive tasted quite a few. it is better than tank #7 the best beer that boulevard beer my local brewery in kc. kansas serves and thats saying allot. would love to try some of your other beers, do you ship? top notch establishment, would hang out there all the time if i lived in the area. until i get back dont change a thing. ”
steve king - kansas city
“I love Amicas. staff is always upbeat, they seem to really enjoy being there. food is alway delicious, service is always exxcellent.”
Elizabeth Czhubirka - Crestone
“You guys have the BEST pizza in town.”
Tracy Dierking - Salida
“We've visited Salida for the last 8 summers and always make Amicas one of our first stops. The pizza is amazing and your people are so nice. We will come again and again. ”
Janet - westlake, Louisiana
“What a great treat to visit your establishment for the 1st time. Son and I were at Mt. Princeton for a father-son getaway and after driving, hiking and swimming all day, we showed up there at 8:40. Was very embarrassed to ask for a table at such a late hour but everybody was great, the food was fabulous and the smoked ported was perfect to have with my pizza. Thank you for a wonderful meal and we will be back!”
Jim Smith - Denver
“Thank you for being a great community restaurant in Salida! I have noticed that the specials recently are often vegan/healthier options. I really appreciate that and find that I can get lunch/dinner from Amicas more often with those delicious specials. The Thai Veggie wrap was great and the roasted veggie + hemp heart pesto was SO DELICIOUS. Thank you for mixing it up and making delicious healthy food for us!”
Beda - Salida
“EVERYTHING at Amicas is Excellent & delicious. The staff is always Fabulous. I love that Marc remembers that we like parmesan & ground pepper. I do not think that I have been anywhere where the staff is ALWAYS obviously happy to be there. I am originlly from New York, I know pizza!”
Elizabeth - Crestone, CO
“First visited while skiing Monarch about 10 years ago. Hooked ever since. Leave TX at 6 a.m. and i know in less than 11 hours i'll be sitting down at Amica's before the evening rush. It's an easy drive knowing the reward at the end of the day.”
Harold Bradley - Grapevine, TX
“Great pizza, great brews, great atmosphere! I really enjoyed watching the kids make their own creations with pizza dough. I will make it a point to stop in every time I pass through.”
Rik Gay - Denver
“Just wanted to tell you how great I think Amcas is. Tasty food and beer with a friendly and efficient staff. Best place in Salida. Thanks.”
Mark - .
“My husband had never eaten at Amicas and was blown away! The staff was fun and top notch. The beer that was recommended was perfect for my husband. We loved it so much that we are staying in Salida an extra day to get a Take and Bake. Wonderful!!”
Nelson - .
“We live in San Diego,CA and have a son in Monument, CO. We plan our trip so we can eat at Amicas. Love the pizza and the home brew. Best pizza I have eaten.”
Jane - Fallbrook, CA